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COMBIAFS aluminium series & PVC combined flexible air ducts

  • COMBIAFS aluminium & PVC combined flexible air ducts are specifically produced for discharging welding fumes and dense chemical gases where high mechanical resistance is required. COMBIAFS is also recommended for heating, cooling and air conditioning systems.
  • COMBIAFS is produced from multi-layer aluminium & polyester strengthened with high tension steel spring wire, covered with a PVC jacket.
  • An important aspect of COMBIAFS is its non-condensing property.

Condensation occurs on the outer surface of a duct if the outer surface is colder than the wet bulb temperature of the air surrounding it. Insulation of the duct prevents this. A PVC layer on the outer surface of COMBIAFS acts as an insulation material. In cases of slight temperature difference between the air passing through the duct and the air surrounding it COMBIAFS is recommended. However, in high temperature variation please refer to the insulated flexible air duct series.

  • COMBIAFS is elastic and flexible. It can be easily fitted to circular, oval, or rectangular connectors.